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Why I’ll Never Give Up On Love…

Sipping a hot mug of cappuccino that I had made on a winter’s night; I was distracted by the dust motes that resembled pixie dust when observed dancing to my garden lamps. How carefree they were sans any adulting to worry them. It made the storm within me tamer and closed my eyes to breathe… Continue reading Why I’ll Never Give Up On Love…

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PAASBAAN-E-HARF: The Defenders of Magic.

Hello Guys! So this is going to be my first foray into the Harry Potter fan-fiction. I noticed that JK Rowling has not yet written about any magical school in either India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. I wanted to know if there was any school of witchcraft and wizardry in the region, but since I have… Continue reading PAASBAAN-E-HARF: The Defenders of Magic.

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The Aubade of War

The aubade of war was a blissful sound, dulling me to sleep. My man was getting ready to be greeted by Battle. And I had insisted he wear white, but he wanted to cosplay the brown Tunic that he wore when we wed many a guns ago. And so we had fought over his love… Continue reading The Aubade of War

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Don Voyage!

“Europe, the soil on which Fascism took root, is watching the rise of Donald Trump with dismay.” Anyone, who is interested in political affairs of the world, or is following the recent coverage of the American presidential election campaign; will recognize the impact of Roger Cohen’s thesis statement of his article – published in The… Continue reading Don Voyage!

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Leonardo Dicaprio – The No-Longer Cursed Child of The Academy

And the 86th Academy Awards, came to an end, and with it, an end of another chapter was also written. The Academy finally acknowledged that, Leonardo Dicaprio was worthy of picking up Thor’s Hammer; better known as the coveted prize of Hollywood, an Oscar. Leonardo Dicaprio, having been nominated 5 times prior, went to receive… Continue reading Leonardo Dicaprio – The No-Longer Cursed Child of The Academy