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Why I’ll Never Give Up On Love…

Sipping a hot mug of cappuccino that I had made on a winter’s night; I was distracted by the dust motes that resembled pixie dust when observed dancing to my garden lamps. How carefree they were sans any adulting to worry them. It made the storm within me tamer and closed my eyes to breathe… Continue reading Why I’ll Never Give Up On Love…

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PAASBAAN-E-HARF: The Defenders of Magic.

Hello Guys! So this is going to be my first foray into the Harry Potter fan-fiction. I noticed that JK Rowling has not yet written about any magical school in either India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. I wanted to know if there was any school of witchcraft and wizardry in the region, but since I have… Continue reading PAASBAAN-E-HARF: The Defenders of Magic.

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On a…

On a busy street, named Orleans, I play the jazz, from my toes. Music is not going to erase it away… On a rainy day, named Katrina, I play hide and seek, from the raindrops. The weather is not going to dry them away… On a windowsill, named Washington, I play freedom, from my caged… Continue reading On a…

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My Crime?

‘My only crime?’ she asked the Judge, who was going to lay down her sentence, ‘was that I was not strong enough to do it earlier. He, who claimed to be my protector, my husband, violated me. He violated every inch of me. Not only did I suffer abuse by him, but I was repeatedly… Continue reading My Crime?

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He Dresses to Dominate

I dress in silk. He dresses in a suit. I dress to please. He dresses to dominate. I dress in lace. He dresses in latex. I dress sensually. He dresses to dominate. I dress in nothing. He dresses in nothing. I dress submissively. He dresses to dominate.