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PAASBAAN-E-HARF: The Defenders of Magic.

Hello Guys! So this is going to be my first foray into the Harry Potter fan-fiction. I noticed that JK Rowling has not yet written about any magical school in either India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. I wanted to know if there was any school of witchcraft and wizardry in the region, but since I have… Continue reading PAASBAAN-E-HARF: The Defenders of Magic.

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Don Voyage!

“Europe, the soil on which Fascism took root, is watching the rise of Donald Trump with dismay.” Anyone, who is interested in political affairs of the world, or is following the recent coverage of the American presidential election campaign; will recognize the impact of Roger Cohen’s thesis statement of his article – published in The… Continue reading Don Voyage!

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The child was woken up, Much to his utter dismay, The mother snatched the blanket away, And told him to be ready for school. Lazily, he went and brushed his teeth, Looking in the mirror for signs of a beard, He mused: “I will be a man one day And no-one will wake me up,… Continue reading Shaheed-e-Peshawar

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Unknown Waters

Love. It comes so fast. A wraith. A demon in the night. Hard to kill. Harder to forget. Like a Hydra. Kill off one head, Two more will grow. I don’t want the love I had for him, To grow two-fold. I want to charter, Unknown territory. Something I excel in. I would rather drown,… Continue reading Unknown Waters