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A Numb Child.


She was numb. Not from the pain. But from the sensation. Blood was running from her hands and it was not hers. Lying before this little girl, was her attacker. The ‘prude’ who made her bleed for the first time. The ‘noble’ who was desperate for a cunt. But, the little angel had been warned by her mother. She was warned of the wolves that hide amongst the lambs as one of their own. And it was her duty to dispose of them, lest they try to show her she had wings, that once opened, could mean life for their cancer.

It all happened, while she was reading a book. She was at home, and the wolf was a familiar sight. It came exactly at Asr. And she waited while it sniffed her work. And then her. Her mother knew the signs but her father had dismissed it as pure superstition. As most women are superstitious and foolish to belief in such things. The girl, had had enough. While it was preparing to eat her, she was fondling with the fork in her hand. The fork seemed as big as Poseidons’, Trident. As soon as the wolf came close to the little girl, she took hold of its fur and pressed the fork deep inside its right eye. It was the right thing to do, she mused. The wolf scratched her thighs, and she bit its neck. A little girl. So much pain. So much anger. So much strength. It was, as if, the girl was not little but as big as Calypso herself.

Nevertheless, the father came running as soon as he heard the Lords name. He was outside, busy with neighbours.  When he saw the prude in a compromising state and in his birthday suit, with his little angel, attacking him, he became sorrowful at his guilt. His wife had pleaded with him, begged him to let the wolf to slaughter, but he was dumb to her pleas. He had slapped her, and she was mortified at his masculine cum. But it was too late, the girl, took a pencil from the table, and jammed it, in the aorta. Her supposed protector saw his daughter become a just murderer. He drew closer to her, and the look she gave him, was one of peace. And it was then she fell. She fell like Lucifer from Heaven. Her father screamed in agony. Her mother had gone for the groceries and as soon as she entered her Hell, she saw her daughter, who was swimming and playing in blood, drown in it. And she was happy. She was transformed. She was free.


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