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Sinking Love

Laying in my bed, I think;
How far we had come and gone.
What would make for it to sink?
Our fragile ship, we’ll see anon.

Counting the seconds gone by,
I wait impatiently for his reply.
It matters if he is a fox and sly,
Hunting me like others, killing me with a lie.

There is no ring in the near future, I know.
Yet, I hope I am the one for him.
He confounds my principles, but even so,
My passion for him, will not dim.

Joyous I become when he longs for me.
Lo! I am, may be half in love, I fear.
But should he deserve my heart and soul or let him be?
For if this ship is doomed, I may not need a seer.

A seer to predict, to guide me to the shore.
Was it foolish to be impulsive or go with what my heart desired?
All I see is chaos and fog, what is infront of me, I am not sure.
As the Love I felt for him, asks me if she has perished or expired.


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