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Punny Noe?

Eye cod not sea trough da things eye had Donne bee four. My pears toad me two bee ahive. Butt, eye did newt dew what day had two tell me. It had bean a wary messi bay fou me, hoe-ever, Eye wuzz knee deep in my grave venn Eye heard a sound of a cheese, spanking itself ass it phelt grate. It quaked me up. Eye wuzz knot koalafied to laugh own da crêpey inn-si-dent so eye taught it two be an egg-si-dent. But low, Eiffel on a puddle of Choo. Eye loafed and toad myshelf, that wie geht two have bean moore carefool. Boat, it gave US a chance two ketchup own old thymes. Eat doves newt sound two Nice, butt whelped two turnip the beet.

Eye hat Gonne den, two a par-tea. It waltz da thyme, venn da sofishticated peapole maid a tearable show auf pandemonium. Eat philt like day were a salt tin da deaf fin nation auf lettuce noe watt jew think. Nunbeliebabell. Carroting on, eye left da stew peed funk-shun and vent toe da Park, Putin, owl auf mien vorrei aye-stride. Het bear it Annie Brody, inn da Park, eye wood hive Ben oh coup spied. Anne newt sat four sum thyme, thin-King a boot hoe thyme flies inn a Hart-beet.

Da a-buff is newt vorrie punny aur satisfrying. Wright?

A penny four jour troughs.


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