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There’s Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark. 

I had written this particular  blog for a leading media group in Pakistan, It has been a week since I had emailed the article to the website but have had no such reply that my blog is considered or will be published. Happy reading first time bloggers: 

Yes, sue me Shakespeare, I piggybanked a line from, ‘Hamlet’ and now I am so scared that I will get letters and notices by the authorities, warning me of possible suits being filed against me for copyright infringement and whatever it is. I mean, it was only a line! And I was using it to explain something else. Ever heard of analogies? But whatever the case maybe, it is an interesting word. Copyright. As soon as you write something down, you want to copyright it. Be it a word or a line, your name and the details of its conception will be mentioned. Should we actually copyright our works or let them be plagiarised instead? I reckon, no matter what you do, for a first time writer, or a writer who, in this day and age of modern technology is trying to get his/her work noticed through various social networking sites becomes anxious and paranoid.

Paranoid? Really? Is there a serial killer out for them? Or are they being chased by ghost organisations of the underworld? Why would they be paranoid? These are a few questions people who claim to be ‘informed’ about everything ask. Or simply ignoramuses who thinking writing is a useless piece of art. They forget that writing is as powerful a tool, in leading people or masses, as a political leader is. For example, in contemporary society, people would like to see a well-known literary figure as President than the real president him/herself. Why is this so? Why? Because, a writer who is free to express the sentiment of the ordinary person on the street, understands the emotions and behaviours of the common individual. They form a connection with the reader and that compels the reader to develop strong relationship(s) with the writer’s works. Nevertheless, these well-known writers started exactly where you are at this point in time and space. By, you, I mean anybody who is reading this article and is trying to get noticed for their writings on any platform(s). To atleast garner some attention from the literary circles and would hope to accomplish their goals eventually. Their goals of having their work(s) publised. But then, I am sure like me, you would have thought a million times about finally writing online and conquer your anxiety and paranoia.

Now let me tell you a story. Yes you! The one already planning to play Candy Crush or opening a new tab. Or just scrolling down to see the comments and the millions insults directed at me and and to fellow commenters. Stop this right now! Now.where was I? Oh yes! This is not my first foray into writing online. But a first for a publication such as I first began writing on Wattpad, but due to procrastination, I stopped writing there altogether. Then I made.a Tumblr account. I posted some stuff there but the fear of plagiarism stopped me from further Tumbling. Then I stopped publishing my work(s) altogether. I chose instead to write and keep my work off plagiarism altogether.

However, after graduating from University of Karachi and being at home with my widowed mother – she was observing her iddat then – did frustration creep up to me like a sneaky Pete. It made me uncomfortable. Before long, I decided to blog actively. I had heard of WordPress and the freedom it offered in terms of writing and a discussion with a trusted friend encouraged me to publish my work; that I immediately made a WordPress account and have been very satisfied with the outcome. I had gotten likes on my works and this is what any writer loves. To atleast have been appreciated by one individual. That makes all the difference. Believe me. It does. If you are appreciated and praised for your positive creativity, it drives you on. It fuels you. It consumes you to be a better and efficient writer. I don’t fear that my work will be plagiarised. Because I will have the satisfaction, that the person who has plagiarised my work, secretly admires me; that they are not original or creative in their own works, is what categorises them into being criminals and <enter cuss word>. I apologise for the ending of the previous sentence. Sometimes ‘intelligent’ and ‘literary’ words are never enough to express a sentiment.

Nevertheless, I am sure you would find this article illuminating and entertaining and that my personal experiences in writing online may have atleast thought you something to ponder over. Because I conquered my fear. If I didn’t and wouldn’t have, I reckon I would have never achieved my aim. To be noticed by literary circles and maybe have my own book published one day. A writer can dream. Even Shakespeare started from somewhere. If you are reading this, write. Write and be your own Shakespeare. Red-Velvet Cupcakes anyone? No. I wasn’t sharing ’em anyways. But, remember if you know how to write, log out from your social profiles, shut your tabs, and start writing. You can be your own book. Happy Writing. And bon appétit for me. Au revoir.

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2 thoughts on “There’s Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark. 

  1. oh yes, now matter how much they may claim to be encouraging novices, these newspapers and media groups aren’t very friendly at the end of the day.. ask me, I know.. no reply even after months..
    but this one’s very well written and entertaining as well.. rather cathartic for me.. keep it up!


    1. Thank you Madiha for your encouraging words. It actually feels very similar to what I have written in the article. But it may not be true for all people but generally this is the sentiment. Stay tuned for more.


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