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The Fallen Apes

We are capable of being cruel as a cannibal is to a fellow human and at the same time, too emphatic as to be passionate. But then, we are also capable of hurting other people so much so as inflicting voilence; as a murderer would the families of its victim(s). How fallen we are as to bring righteous justice which in turn haunts us, becoming a necessary evil to eradicate from our mortal flesh? 

Therefore, People – notice the capital P – I guess are a virus unto themselves. They think science has made them sterile. And by sterile I mean clean and rational. But they lie to themselves. The venture of scientific experimentation, itself requires certain levels of savagery to find the cause of the disease and the cure to multiply the disease. For instance, the computer software companies do claim to produce virus-free softwares and promise that your computer or any device that uses the technology will not encounter any viruses. Yet, viruses appear and the whole system comes crashing down lest we buy or download authentic anti-virus software and programes. To one, humanity or lack thereof, is viewed as a symptom of enuresis. Involuntary, yet very prosaic. What is this but a magical illusion? Elusive yet intimately proficient.

I try not to be too skeptical or cynical with my views, but one has to wonder if the progression of science and the advancements in technology and the so-called ‘equality’ has actually achieved anything. Wars still commence. People still kill people. Even after stepping into the 21st century, we still encounter sexism, racism and other forms of schisms. This gives rise to even more transparent ‘entertainment’. By entertainment, I mean, people take pleasure in hurting others and the fetish of domination is evident by the way of sensational headlines; how people have killed other people and the justification some murderes give can make hair on your neck rise and marvel at how despicable a human can be. Now, it is open for debate as to the nature of killing but I am concerned with how I view the overall situation of people in the world today. Thereby, people are really sound and fury, signifying everything nothing. The only hope I fear is if people really divorce themselves of prejudice, stereotypes and justify that they aren’t pathological but are well advanced members of the animal kingdom. 


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