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The Affair. 

I could be impatient but I will not,

I could call you, but I will not;

I could have you, but I will not,

I could lay down with you, but I will not.

As there will be no going back from there.

The slightest whispers in public,

The smallest of glances at parties;

The erotic of touches in the elevators,

The heaviest of hearts behind closed doors,

I should ask of us to proceed with caution.

You hold the world in your hands,

You are a leader of a nation,

You are a husband to a dutiful wife,

A father to beautiful children.

But I will just be a mistress.

You buy me silk and lace,

You buy me fancy dinners in Paris,

You gift me long nights in Sicily,

You have me, yet you do not.

I will not want to be bought Sir.

I may have breasts fit for your hands,

I may have an arse soft for spanking,

I may have a cunt large enough for your cock,

I may have a figure of a first class prostitute,

But I will not share my bed with you.

If you promise to love me and leave your wife,

If you forsake your sacred oath to her,

If you disavow your innocent children;

And if you fuck me and moan my name,

But I will not be the last for you, will I?

The offer is tempting, sinful and passionate,

It is as tempting as the forbidden fruit of Biblical mythology

It is a proposition you would have given to many before me,

It has a non-disclosure agreement written all over it,

But, I have my rights and I am an honourable woman.

You confess that you love me,

You declare that I am the one,

You promise you will never leave me,

You pledge your alliance to me as a member of a secret brotherhood,

But you will never leave her, I will never be yours.


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