Literature · poetry

A Poem For Someone Named ‘You’.

When the breeze stops and the humidity takes over,
When the land goes dry and there is no water,
When love stops being a faithful maiden and lust takes the crown,
That is when ‘you’ will cease to exist

When art is futile and science is wondrous,
When letters become extinct and intimacy is lost;
When change is abandoned and slavery is accepted,
That is when ‘you’ will be broken.

When religion is mocked and faith becomes a tale,
When places of worship become guns for hire,
When brothels become your significant other,
That is when ‘you’ will be weak.

When race becomes racist and sex becomes a laughing joke,
When people become vultures and animals become human;
When the fire freezes the volcanoes and the ice burns the glaciers,
That is when ‘you’ will be forgotten.

When holy water refuses to heal and drudgery is the medic,
When Jesus fails to perform miracles,
When skies no longer contain stars and dreamers,
That is when ‘you’ will be a saintly sinner.

When money becomes comfort and nature becomes robotic,
When the birds lose their wings and horses grow fins;
When children bear babes and adults disregard ethics,
That is when ‘you’ will be at a crossroad.

When men become women and women become men,
When homophobia begins and humanity is destroyed,
When prisons transform into the resting place for the just,
That is when ‘you’ will become a fool.

When poets and artists are lamented and politicians are championed,
When freedom is incarcerated and conformity is liberated,
When war is serene; and peace is volatile gibberish,
That is when ‘you’ will no longer be you.


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